Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom environment allows you to study from the comfort of your own home.

Our virtual classroom allows learners to login and learn from the comfort of their own home

Where the Classroom Becomes the Zoom Room
We use market-leading video conferencing software, Zoom, to provide you with an engaging learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

Online in Real-Time
Nothing is pre-recorded, your tutor and classmates are right there with you. You can see and hear each other through your laptop or phone screen. Your lessons have a start time, break time and end time, just as in real life. 

Completely Interactive
As your tutor presents the lesson to you, they will share slides, images, documents and a virtual whiteboard. You will be able to utilise the chat feature to ask questions, comment, or give quick reactions using emojis. Send a thumbs up or a confused emoji to communicate without interrupting the meeting.

Front Row Seat
Appearing on-screen alongside your classmates gives you the same visibility as everyone else, keeping you fully engaged. There’s no back row in the virtual classroom! 

Breakout Groups
Your tutor can divide you into smaller groups for a discussion in a Zoom Breakout Room.

Watch Later
You can record the lesson using the record button. This can be really useful when it comes to making sense of your notes! 

Chat Later
As a Virtual Learner, you will get access to our special online forum for communication with your mentor and other learners who are doing the same course.

Worldwide Access
Our Virtual Classroom courses are perfect for anyone who is unable to travel to our classrooms in Redditch, Worcestershire. Enjoy learning alongside students from around the world. 

Getting Started with Virtual Learning
First, we will conduct your initial enrolment on to the course via the Zoom Meetings app. This allows us to ascertain that your computer equipment is capable of running the classroom sessions.

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What times and days am I required to attend the course?

You will be required to attend training online between set times. During the course, you will be required to be in the virtual classroom all day with the tutor.

A fifteen minute break will be provided in the morning and afternoon, in addition to a thirty minute lunch break.

Will the tutor and other learners see me?

Yes, the tutor and other learners will be able to see you at all times, this is a strict requirement of us running this course online.

Can I talk to the tutor and other learners?

Yes, the platform is fully interactive, and you can talk to both the tutor and other learners.

The course tutor may opt to put your microphone on mute if there is excessive background noise. In the event this should this happen, you will have the option to virtually raise your hand; at this point, the tutor will unmute you and enable conversation again. This will be covered during the initial introduction on the first day of the course.

What if my internet connection fails?

If your internet connection drops during the course, we will make all attempts to provide extra time with the tutor to make up for up to one hour of downtime. If you lose connection for longer than one hour, you will be required to attend the next available course.

Will the session be recorded?

To ensure quality delivery of this programme, we will be recording all of our online sessions. These can be made available to learners.

How will I be assessed?

This dependant upon a few things, for example, the type of course you are attending. Some of our courses have a very strict assessment structure such as exams. Where possible we always try to adapt your assessments to your individual requirements. For example, you may prefer producing written assignments to giving presentations -we try to accommodate this where possible.

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