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Why is it important to explore your career options?

Choosing the right career path is undoubtedly one of the most important and challenging decisions life will throw at you. But that’s okay, with the right research and determination, you can take that plunge into a career you love. These things are never easy and you will not nail everything the first time. It does

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Are virtual classrooms the new normal?

Over the past year we have seen drastic changes in every area of life, especially education and the way it has been delivered. During this pandemic, it is safe to say many of us have become experts on virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom. Luckily, technology is always progressing, and things developed enabling the introduction

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why it's never too late to learn

Why it’s never too late to learn

There is a quote that says, “it’s never too late for new beginnings in your life”. We are all trapped in a myth that there is a certain age limit on when you can start to learn and when it is too late. This is a thought that needs to be forgotten. If you are

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advantages of e-learning

The Advantages of E-Learning

It is no secret that e-learning has become a big part of education over the course of the pandemic, being seen by many as the ‘new norm’. It has evolved massively and developed into an absolute must in today’s society, providing learners with a rich learning experience they may otherwise have missed out on in the classroom.

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trhe benefits of apprentices

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

Following a lull towards the end of the 1980’s into the 1990’s, the popularity of apprenticeships has been resurgent since the turn of the century. They are an active way to gain a qualification while in a working environment where you will be learning and gaining the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

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