Manual Handling Training

Prevent workplace accidents with manual handling training
Manual Handling Training

Did you know, a third of all workplace injuries which result in someone being off work for more than three days are caused by poor manual handling? (RoSPA, 2016) Regardless of your duties at the work, the ability to lift equipment properly should not be underestimated.

Suffering muscular injuries can lead to time off work and debilitating pain – it is certainly best to avoid this from the outset! Manual handling teaches you how to effectively move items through the use of pulling, pushing, carrying, lowering or lifting.

Our Highfields accredited training course covers the fundamentals of manual handling, enabling you to move equipment effectively whilst considering the implications of bending, twisting, stretching or any other awkward posture you may find yourself in!

If you have undertaken Manual Handling Training before, it is certainly worth refreshing yourself on the fundamentals again – after all there is nothing more important than protecting your body from any potential accidents and learning the most up-to-date tips and techniques.

Here at the The Square Metre, you are promised a fulfilling and engaging learning experience – we aim to maximise your learning potential!