why it's never too late to learn

Why it’s never too late to learn

There is a quote that says, “it’s never too late for new beginnings in your life”. We are all trapped in a myth that there is a certain age limit on when you can start to learn and when it is too late. This is a thought that needs to be forgotten. If you are hating your job or career and are craving a new change then it is never too late to start. Many people assume that skill development is an ‘age sensitive’ thing and can only apply to people who are just starting their career. Whether you are 17 or 75 there is no reason why you can’t start now. Age is simply nothing but a number. In fact it is said that learners of the average age of 80 were less likely to develop brain-related illnesses such as dementia. Yes, you read that correctly, 80 years old and still learning. As a training provider we want to express the importance of understanding why it’s never too late to learn. 

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What is the importance of learning? 

Learning is a necessity. It is simply a tool that nourishes our mind and relieves our soul. Learning new skills is a way of preparing you to feel more ready to take on new challenges and opportunities that will come your way. It keeps your mind engaged and allows you to explore different paths for your future. A survey has shown that a lot of people agree that it is important to continue learning new things throughout your life; in fact 50% of people agreed with this. It isn’t just about making money; it is about protecting your wellbeing, making sure you are enjoying what you do and allowing the world to open up new opportunities for you. 

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How can it benefit you?

There are always many different worries and doubts about venturing out and starting something new – this is a worry when starting anything outside of your normal routine. Learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification is never going to damage your career; if anything it will make it stronger. We can all relate to that feeling of accomplishment and pride when we achieve something new. This is exactly how learning new things will make you feel. 

In today’s society, technology provides so many different ways to make teaching and learning fun. No matter whether it is accountancy, physio or catering, it can be made into something enjoyable. Believe it or not, a main benefit from learning is increased happiness. Learning helps us build confidence and a sense of self efficacy; it is actually a core need for our psychological well being. It can help our overall mental health. Not only is it good to learn something new, but it is also good to nurture your skills, keep on top of how things are changing and expand on your knowledge that you already hold. If you are starting to get that feeling of dullness or boredom around what you are doing in life then a new venture should be on your mind. Learning keeps you busy, exercises the mind and helps you spend your time productively so will ultimately eliminate that cloud above your head. When it comes to education there is a lot of negativity; at school there can be a sense of pressure to do something you don’t actually want to do. By knowing what you want to do and choosing to learn – rather than it being expected – can make a big difference to your outlook. If you have chosen to do a course that you want to do and enjoy then ultimately, you are more likely to succeed in it. 

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Will it fit into your day to day life?

Absolutely! Of course, when you start to learn later in life there are other commitments that have to be kept in mind, such as children, work or just day to day activities that can’t be avoided. It is important that what you are doing fits in with everything else going on in your life. One of the best parts of learning later on in life is that your management skills have most likely improved. Thanks to today’s technology, studying has become a lot more flexible. For example, you can do your work as soon as the kids have gone to bed or after you have finished a shift because it is all accessible to you. Blended learning is also shown to benefit a lot of people; it may suit you because it allows you to continue to work and spend time with your family/friends alongside your studying and education.  

So, in conclusion there are many beneficial reasons as to why it’s never too late to learn. Starting something new, especially learning, takes hard work and dedication but the outcomes are rewarding. It boosts your happiness, nourishes the mind and opens up future opportunities for you to take on. The term is referred to a lot. As time has gone on people are most definitely taking advantage of the facilities that are available. Don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge, it could be the best thing that you ever do. 

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