Fire Safety Training

Maintain a safe working environment with our fire safety training course

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety is a great skill to have and crucial to meet important Health and Safety regulations in the workplace. General fire safety in England and Wales is maintained through compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. As both an employee, and an employer – everyone has a role to play in creating a safe working environment.

Regardless of the industry you operate across, this course will enable the ability to administer practical fire safety support. You will gain a wide range of practical and theoretical skills you can apply in the working environment.

The course covers everything, from fire risk assessments, fire precautionary and protection measures and processes and protocols. Whether you just need a refresher, or starting from scratch – this course will give you the fundamental knowledge you need to manage fire safety elements across your organisation.

Our course tutors have a broad range of experience in both delivery of this course, and hands-on experience. This Highfields course is fully accredited, so you can be sure you are trained to the most up-to-date advice and regulations.

Here at the The Square Metre, you are promised a fulfilling and engaging learning experience – we aim to maximise your learning potential!