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The Creative Marketing Academy is an innovative provider of cutting edge marketing training and apprenticeships.​​​

The Creative Marketing Academy is an innovative provider of cutting edge marketing training and apprenticeships.  As a subsidiary of The Square Metre Group, one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of training and apprenticeship programmes, we have access to a range of resources enabling us to deliver high-quality training both online and around the world. Our partnerships with businesses, local authorities, global brands and awarding bodies have led to some truly innovative learning experiences, making us the go-to provider for learners looking to enter the exciting world of marketing.

Here at The Creative Marketing Academy, we care about the quality of our offering and are proud to help our students launch their marketing careers. With us, you’ll receive teaching from highly-qualified marketing professionals, all of whom still work within the marketing sector and are fully up-to-date with the latest methods and technologies. You’ll also be part of an exciting, like-minded group of students, sharing creative ideas and strategic tips as you progress together on your journey into the world of marketing. Combining classroom-based learning with hands-on real world projects, our team at The Creative Marketing Academy will give you all the tools you need to launch a successful marketing career.

In a world of social media, TV advertising, printed publications and electronic billboards,
the consumer’s appetite for content is stronger than ever.

For every business, there’s a huge range of channels through which to communicate with customers. However, where do you prioritise your resources? Which channels would be most effective for your brand? What types of content can you create? It’s a platform tailor-made for a creative, passionate individual and their exciting ideas.

The Creative Marketing Academy is delighted to announce the formation of a brand new apprenticeship for a Junior Content Producer. Our innovative Level 3 course, which runs for a duration of 12 months, is designed to help you, as the expert, market your business with exciting, innovative content. We’ll teach you how to become a competent Junior Content Producer with the ability to position your employer at the forefront of their industry. Make a name for yourself within your company by driving brand awareness and elevating your career in the process. You never know, it might even be the first step towards owning your own marketing agency in the future…


The role of a Junior Content Developer is to develop and create innovative, engaging content that can be used across a variety of media; whether that’s digital, social media, broadcast or print. Working to a brief, you’ll be taught how to research, prepare and develop media messaging that maximises audience engagement whilst capturing the strategy and objectives of your brand. This is integral in the successful execution of campaigns designed to either retain, acquire or convert customers. All are activities that can generate leads, increase profitability and drive audience engagement for your business.

As Junior Content Developer, you’ll be a key component in your employer’s marketing communications strategy. You’ll learn from the best about how to convey any message to your audience in an effective, engaging manner. Whether you’ve launched an innovative service, an exciting fresh product or a new promotion, with our training you’ll quickly become a valuable asset.


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Are you a creative individual with some exciting ideas? Are you always using different forms of media, whether that’s social channels, TV or the internet? Have you always wanted to work in the exciting world of marketing? Then our Junior Content Developer programme is the apprenticeship for you.

Trained by an industry-expert and Chartered Marketer, you’ll be given all the tools and support you need to become a highly competent, quality Junior Content Developer. In what is a highly rewarding role, no two days are ever the same. You’ll be working on different projects at varying stages, executing content strategies across various forms of media including video, written and static content. Whether it’s for social media, printed literature or electronic billboards, you’ll constantly be applying your skills and expertise to different challenges, building a rounded, comprehensive set of marketing skills. If you’re looking for an exciting role that allows you to express yourself creatively, then content development is the path for you.

We’ll nurture your creative spirit, build your technical knowledge and provide a platform to express your vision. Staff at The Creative Marketing Academy will teach you how to produce engaging content to the highest level, raising brand awareness and generating potential leads and revenue opportunities. With you at the forefront of creative activity, your company’s ability to convey a message clearly and effectively will be transformed. With us, you’ll have all the tools to make a name for yourself.


Your Level 3 apprenticeship, which is typically completed over the course of a 12-month programme, consists of four days on-the-job learning and one day a week of classroom learning with our Chartered Marketer and qualified tutor, Rebecca Baker. The course curriculum will be split into four key areas; Content Planning, Content Development, Content Creation & Evaluation and Industry Awareness. Throughout the duration of these modules, The Creative Marketing Academy will provide you with all of the knowledge and key skills you’ll need to become a competent, successful Junior Content Developer.

course content roadmap


In the initial content planning phase, we’ll teach you how to interpret objectives effectively from a customer’s brief, the benefits of researching ideas to meet the brief and which platforms would be appropriate for the campaign. You’ll also recognise the importance of brand awareness, how communication styles differ and where content creation fits within your company’s overall marketing strategy.


Our content development module will teach you how to storyboard and outline script exciting ideas for content to be developed, all whilst operating effectively within the production workflow. We’ll demonstrate the importance of ensuring content is accessible to all end users and how to apply language best practice throughout. During this period, our expert will teach you when to utilise different writing styles depending on the campaign, how to establish tone of voice and why an awareness of legislation such as copyright is vital.


This is one of the most important aspects of the Junior Content Developer’s role and where you can really add value to your business. You will be taught how to write compelling copy, capture professional images and use industry-standard packages to edit and post-produce engaging content. We’ll also teach you how to optimise web page content to ensure your company ranks highly on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP’s); an invaluable skill in positioning your brand above your competitors. Other critical marketing elements such as segmenting and understanding audiences will be introduced, including how to gather data to evaluate campaign success against original objectives. These are all essential skills to become a highly-rated Content Developer and will give you a solid foundation for career progression in future.


The final module of our Junior Content Developer apprenticeship will focus on the wider marketing industry and the importance of developing and maintaining professional networks. You will receive a full, in-depth insight into the culture of creative media organisations including the commercial pressures, project deadlines and general working practices. Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to become a specialist in your own area of expertise, as well as how to market your own services should you wish to launch your own business in future.


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