Learner case study for Jess Samson who studied at The Square Metre lifelong learning centre.

Learner Case Study: Jess Samson

In our NEW series of learner case studies, we caught up with ‘IT for the Terrified’ student Jess Samson, and discussed her experiences of the course.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Jess Samson, I currently live in Northampton. In my spare time I go to the gym which I go to weekly to improve my physique I also enjoy studying nature and wildlife. My other interests include power kitting and
watching The Chase which I applied to appear in as I enjoy quiz shows.

What training course did you take?

I undertook the “IT for the terrified” course. I enjoyed the course from the outset, I only had a very basic
understanding of a P.C and how to use it. I gained extensive knowledge in how to use a computer and now thanks
to the course, I have no issues going online and looking for things to purchase like new clothes or even
looking at wildlife.

How did find the course and delivery and content?

I was asked by Michael to get involved with micro teaching the other learners. This gave me a confidence boost
and made me feel good about myself, mainly the fact that somebody was giving me the responsibility to help
other individuals and watching them learn and develop just as I did throughout the course. 

What was your favourite part of the course?

It has given me the self confidence and belief that I looked for before,
I’d come back and do another course as I found it very interesting
and easy to follow. which is how a course should be!

How do you feel you have benefited from the course?

As I’ve said before it has boosted my confidence using a computer and
made me more ‘internet aware’.  It’s also allowed me to meet
new people and develop my team building skills.

What is your advice to anyone considering taking a course at The Square Metre?

I would tell anyone to partake. They’re friendly, helpful, kind and sincere, they will make sure that you achieve
your grades, but lastly transform you as an individual.

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